meet ella the jellyfish!

The first and only skill for Amazon Alexa designed for families affected by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). Here you’ll
find information on what this skill can do, and how you and your child can play with it.

hi, i’m ella!

I may not be human, but I can't wait to become friends with you and your child! Here's
what we can all do together:

Lets Play


I'd love it if you and your child would play some super-fun games with me. We could play Ella Says, Freeze Dance, and Color Hunt—let's try our best, together!



I’ve got a lot to say! You and your child could listen to one of my amazing stories, hear one of my relaxing meditations, or sing along with me to a few fun songs.

what you should know about me

who am i?

I’m a friend for kids and families of different species and backgrounds—especially those who are affected by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS).

what is lgs?

LGS stands for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. It’s a rare and serious form of epilepsy.

what am i?

I’m a jellyfish!

what can i do?

Well, I can do a lot. But my favorite things to do are play and listen with you—my friends!

what can you play?

We’ll play together! You and your child can pick from Ella Says, Freeze Dance, or Color Hunt.

what can you listen to?

That’s up to you and your child! Together, you could listen to one of my amazing stories, a relaxing meditation, or a sing-along song.

how do you get started?

You and your family can start playing with me as soon as you sign up!

look, i’m even in these videos!

Watch the video: see what i’m all about

see what i’m all about

Watch the video: how I helped this lgs family

watch how i helped this lgs family